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Eat, Smile and repeat

WE ARE PROUD of our traditional venezuelan food!

We believe in grandma’s food, we believe in tradition and because of this we only use authentic Venezuelan Cheeses such as Mano & Guayanes (no Halloumi, no Feta) we cook old school and we feel very proud about it.

If it’s not authentic we say NO THANK YOU! We proudly heal the homesick feeding your soul and we believe in happiness with a big smile, all of this with our latin music in the background.

Your Venezuelan home and Familia in London

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Our Venezuelan Street Food


Supplying a wide range of authentic products and artisan fresh cheeses.


Frozen and Refrigerated products for Caterers & Restaurants

Eat, think Venezuela and be happy

We want you to come visit us, but in case you are unable, our food is also available to be ordered and delivered online with Deliveroo and UberEats around the Wimbledon Area (London)