In Liqui Liqui we believe and support Venezuelan’s Talent in every form

We have proudly been the Organizers of:

  • Very traditional parties such as “La Fiesta de San Juan”
  • Concerts including Solo de Rafael “Pollo” Brito
  • Road trips to support our football star “Gladiador” Salomon Rondon
  • The presentation of “Hay un Heroe en todos nosotros” by Olivares.

Also we have created partnerships to celebrate Venezuelan New Year parties with a 5 Star Hotel in London additionally we have been the caterers for so many Latin Events including Venenin “La fiesta de los Venezolanos en Inglaterra” and Latin Festivals in London, but more importantly we truly believe as Venezuelans we have a social responsability with our motherland, for that reason we are extremely proud to be supporting a number of Venezuelan charities based in the UK.

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