Our History

We started like every company, dreaming big.

We jumped in head first with only our passion and our strong belief of bringing happiness to the latin people whilst also educating the English about our food and culture.

Our main goal is bringing back good memories from our homeland and the best way to do that is with our traditional flavours.

As a Venezuelan myself I understand some of you are here through choice and some of you are here through necessity but whatever the reason, our aim is to bring to you an atmosphere full of products and flavours that you can relate to and you can feel at home… yes your new home! The English one but full of Venezuelan traditions.

This was our motivation and we decided to go ahead, first we became the sole trader in UK of Lacteas Araguaney (the biggest Venezuelan Cheese producer in Europe) and from there in 2012 we have been moving forward and expanding with different products and new commercial lines, we do Retail, Wholesale, our own line of Frozen food, Events and more .. . (Please contact us if you require anymore info)

In 2016 we opened our little restaurant (nuestro cafe) in Colliers Wood. South West London and in 2017 due to demand we expanded.


In Liqui Liqui we are very passionate and proud of our roots and we believe in delivering the best possible experience to our customers, since we started we have been satisfying the mouths of the Latin American community in the UK and making sure we provide the best quality in every product 

Venezuela is not only a piece of paradise next to the Caribbean it is also about the explosion of flavours of it’s food, it is the smile on its people, it’s colours and the weather that makes it almost impossible to not fall in love with, but we also supply a little sample of some other products from the rest of Latin America so you can be sure Liqui Liqui will always be the place to go to.

Erika Urvina & Ryan (Gordito) Gilbert
#VenezuelanPower and #CornishTalent

Founder/ General Manager/ Barista / Empanada’s Master  & bit of everything(Erika)       

Production Manager/ Tequeño’s Master &   a bit of everything 2 (Ryan)


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